Horisont Safety – Construction Safety Since 1966

Horisont Safety manufactures aids for construction safety. For more than 50 years, we have primarily provided the construction market in Sweden and Europe with non-slip stairs in various designs.

Our well-known construction staircase Horisont, where the steps are always in balance no matter how the staircase slopes, is a product that has been with us all along. In June 2016 our staircase celebrated 50 years on the market! New products are developed according to market needs and we are gradually expanding our range with other high quality and cost-effective products.

The market's oldest and most well-known construction staircase - Horisont - was designed by Lennart Bäckström in the early 1960s in Edsbyn in the heart of Hälsingland, Sweden. Since the patented staircase saw the light of day, around 60,000 copies have been sold throughout Europe.

The staircase was originally made in a length of 12 steps that was adapted for use between two floors. Initially, it was intended to be used within the business as the carpentry wooden stairs were considered too slippy.

Over time, other parts of the construction market requested the product and major production and sale began. Later, the construction was patented and additional stair lengths were also added as a splicing function for stairs between each other.

The construction stairs have been the cornerstone of the business until the early 2000s when the company was acquired in its current form. Gradually, the product range has been expanded with a focus on safety in all forms of the construction industry.

Under the company's brand HSS, we are investing heavily in the future with both trade fairs and other activities to reach new markets. We look forward to contacting you and your company to create a long-term collaboration together. Do not hesitate to contact us!